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Our Favorite Spring Accessories to Enliven your Living Room

Posted on April 6th, 2018 by upperroomhome.

After a long winter, the first warm days of spring are a welcome promise of days to come — filled with longer hours of daylight, clear skies, green trees and blooming flowers. It’s as if the earth puts on a smile and readies itself for the fun to come.

Create the same feeling in your home simply by changing out a few items in each room. Add unexpected bursts of color. Select whimsical accessories for the kitchen and bathrooms, and replace winter comforts with spring exuberance.

Lighten up

As part of your spring cleaning, consider replacing heavy drapes with lightweight, filmy sheers that look as if they’re blowing in the breeze. Or, let your windows be nude for the season. Install slim reed blinds or roll up shades for privacy if needed.

Spread the Light Around

One of the best ways to liven up your home decor is to position a large mirror on a wall adjacent to a window. Not only will it magnify the light in the room, but it will reflect the beauty of the outdoors. Just a hint of sunny sky and greenery can be a mood booster. In lieu of a single mirror, try a lightweight wall hanging of metallic wire with some reflective surfaces. You’ll love the effect.

Bare the Floor

If you have wood floors and area rugs, consider leaving the surface bare for the season. Not only is it a lighter, brighter look, but a cool surface is a welcome treat for bare toes! If that minimalist approach is not your cup of tea, consider replacing a pile carpet with natural sisal, or choose a pastel woven Dhurrie or a tribal pattern as a seasonal replacement.

Throw Away Winter

Pack up the cozy throws, but add new comfort with a trio of oversized floor pillows in colors that complement your decor. Choose neutral, textured throw pillows to add fresh appeal to a sofa, or look for accent pillows with patterns, weaves, and textures that remind you of a favorite vacation spot!

Give New Life to a Fireplace

There are several options to make your fireplace a seasonal focal point. Stack white birch logs on the andirons instead of dark wood. Fill the space with vanilla candles of varied sizes and use holders of different heights and styles to create a stunning display. As an alternative, arrange oversize pottery or a trio of bright ceramic vases in the opening and leave the screen open.

Look to the Outdoors

Welcome guests in fresh style by planting seasonal flowers in large pots at the entry, and on your patio. If your home has a “happy face,” you can’t help but feel the energy. While you’re at it, why not put down a bright new welcome mat as well?

And remember that the staff at Upper Room Home Furnishings stands ready to assist you with home furnishings and decorative ideas, no matter what the season.

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