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Designing The Perfect Living Room – Furniture For Entertaining Guests

Posted on July 3rd, 2018 by upperroomhome.

If you enjoy entertaining, or if you wish to start this activity in the near future, having the perfect location for guests to gather is a must. The area used will set the tone for the event. For this reason, it is necessary to think about a few key points to make sure everyone remains comfortable and you have solid furniture for entertaining guests in your home or living room.


Know What Space Is Needed


Before inviting everyone over to your home, think about what type of space is needed to hold the number of guests you expect. Making sure you have space for furniture for entertaining guest takes measuring and planning. If you set up an area in a small den or spare room and several people arrive, quarters are bound to become claustrophobic. Alternately, using a humongous room for only a few people can make the time spent together a bit awkward. It is wise to know an approximate number beforehand so you prepare the right area inside or outside of your home for the get-together.


Do Not Skimp On The Seating


No matter what kind of event you are holding, it is imperative to have enough seating for the guests attending. Failing to have a spot for someone to sit will make them uncomfortable and likely to leave the event if they become tired. Seating also helps people to engage in conversations and activities. Make sure to have a few more seats than the expected number of guests so no one is left out. If needed, remove extra seating to another room. It is always better to have more than needed.


Use Multi-Use Pieces For Convenience


Maximizing the use of your space makes it easy for guests to mingle with one another. Think about using furnishings that have multiple uses to free up floor space for other reasons. For example, use an ottoman as a seating area while storing necessities inside so they are within reach. Use couches with flip down back portions to expose hidden tables and cup-holding spots.


Use An Area With Easy-To-Clean Fabrics


Hosting a party in a spot with furniture that is relatively easy to clean afterward, is always a plus. Look for pieces with protective barriers already put in place to help make mopping up spills simple. Alternately, use fabrics that are easy to wash with basic household cleaners without ruining them in the process. Consider using area rugs or runners to cover up high-traffic areas of carpeting as well.


Make Sure The Right Lighting Is Featured


Lighting will help to set the mood of your get-together. If you intend on playing cards, hosting a book discussion, or having a dinner party, brighter lighting is necessary. Make sure to use light fixtures with multiple bulbs or different light intensity levels. If your event is subdued, such as watching a movie with a few friends or trying out a new homebrew and listening to tunes, subtle lighting will work better at creating the right atmosphere. Although lighting is not exactly furniture for entertaining guests, it is a crucial part of creating an inviting space. Opt for lanterns, candles, and smaller lamps to keep the area lit without overpowering it.

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