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Tips on Buying Youth Furniture

Posted on August 9th, 2018 by upperroomhome.

You might feel a generation apart when it comes to styles, colors and other concepts. This includes when preparing your young ones for school again or when you want to help them redecorate. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind a few tips when choosing youth furniture.

Consider their Age

If you have young children that still play quite a bit, you probably would want to add a bedroom desk or table that does not have a glass top. Furthermore, keep in mind that older children might want more room to sleep than what a twin mattress would provide, Beware also of adding age-appropriate accessories and choose mirrors that will attach to the dressers or a wall. Bookshelves are an item a child of any age would use. You may also want to make sure they like the style of comforter or print of sheets, pillow cases and other bedding you have bought for them.

Space Matters

If you have a child starting college soon, chances are he or she will not have enough space for a sectional couch. The exception, of course, is if that young adult of yours will rent a house in which he or she will own all the furniture.

In most cases, you probably would want to stick with stools or benches for placement underneath a counter top or a sleek desk that sits up against the wall or in a corner. Smaller round tables in either dark or light polished wood would also work best.

If you want to provide your college-bound child a bed frame, consider one that has storage shelves and drawers in the footboard, headboard, and base to maximize space. This will help cut down on size, especially if sharing a room or house with at least one or more people.

Keep space in mind, even when decorating a room for a kid that still lives with you. For instance, you might want to find cabinets or shelves that will fit in your closet to make room for off-season clothing or extra toys.

Use Room Planning Software

You can prepare each room’s design ahead of time when you use the room planning software provided by the Upper Room. This program simulates the decorating process in real time, and it considers important furniture and room measurements. It even allows you to decide what to add to your walls and what color the walls or curtains should be.

In addition, the Room Planner app will position your doors and windows where they actually are. It also will provide you a map of each room’s perimeter and accommodates its shape. Each design scheme you create from this room planning software can be downloaded or printed, and you can use this software on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

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