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Summer Furniture Design Trends

Posted on June 1st, 2018 by upperroomhome.

If you wish to give your living space a new look this summer, knowing what is trending at the moment is beneficial when making furniture selections. There are several new pieces on the market that improve a home’s overall appearance. Here are some summer furniture design trends to look into if you are ready to make a change to your home’s interior.

Use The Right Color Scheme

2017’s furniture color trend was primarily jungle-themed patterns and deep hues of gray and beige. This year takes a turn and requires furniture pieces in bolder colors. Violet, green, and navy blue colors are big on the docket for the latest in summertime looks. If you don’t want to go all out and purchase furniture pieces in these shades, make sure they are incorporated into a pattern or in a material throw or pillow bunch. Alternately, use one of these shades on walls or in the flooring color and purchase furniture in a contrasting shade for a striking look.

Feature One Bold Piece

If you want to use the striking, bold colors of 2018 in your furniture ensemble, but are not ready to commit to an entire set, feature one piece with the hue of choice. This is a wonderful way to showcase an interesting piece without the need to purchase an entire set. Feature an armchair with luxurious velvet material, a coffee table with vivid colored glass, or a couch with splashes of deep-colored material among solid-colored chairs.

Incorporate Texture Into Decor

Instead of flat pieces, add a bit of 3D action to the furniture you use this summer. A hutch or entertainment center with etched glass doors, end tables with grooved legs, or a seating arrangement made with plush leather fabric are all trendy summer options available. Spice up existing furnishing with the adornment of crocheted or macrame tablecloths or throws to add texture in a simplistic way.

Blend In Darker Wood

For several years, bleached wood was the trend to follow. In 2018, the furniture design trend in wood takes a turn to the darker side. Incorporate tables, wood chairs, entertainment centers, and bookcases made from rich hues. This darker coloring looks striking among bright colors and monotone hues alike. Wood matches existing furnishings as well, allowing for one piece to be added to existing pieces with ease.

Use Metallic Adornments

Make dark furnishings even more glamorous with the addition of metallic-colored legs, handles or drawer pulls. The shimmer of gold, silver, or bronze offsets darker hues in a majestic manner and is one of the top trends of the summer. Look for furniture with these features already in place or dress up pieces with a coat of metallic paint and a lacquer coat to seal the color in place. Metal shades give furniture a vivid surprise and a retro appearance all-in-one. Metallic colors also work well at accompanying wood furniture pieces. Be sure to shine pieces frequently so they do not lose their flashy feature to a lackluster patina surface.

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