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2018 Spring Home Design Trends

Posted on May 16th, 2018 by upperroomhome.

Color is the news for 2018. Bright, bold, beautiful Color! Although grey remains the new neutral, it is expected to be joined by zesty astringent green, yellow, orange, purple and a range of lavender hues as winter finally releases its hold. But color isn’t the only new look as the calendar pages turn.


Here’s a preliminary look at some exciting new trends:


Dark Woods


Newly appealing dark woods offer a break from the pale, neutral palette of past years. Dark also signals a return to more exotic grain instead of the smoother appearance of natural maple and bamboo. While bleached and whitewashed wood won’t disappear, look for exotic teak and rosewood (or look-alikes) in addition to dark cherry stains and ebony oak. In 2018, it will be all about contrast, enlivened by bold color.  


Retro Shapes


Do you love mid-Century Modern? You’ll be seeing a lot of it, although in 2018, there will be some differences as well. Geometric shapes will be in vogue; amoeba and boomerang shapes perhaps not so much. But look for rounded arms on sofas to soften the linear lines, a return of slim legs on sofas and chairs, table legs and bases that are curvy and don’t match the tops, and more ovals or semi circles, even for upholstered pieces.


Exotic Patterns


Ethnic prints, as well as vibrant color combinations, will move into homes across the globe, perhaps as another sign that the world is shrinking. Sari colors and African prints, tribal-patterned rugs, and textiles from South America are expected to surge in popularity. These exciting designs are also likely to appear in your wardrobe this coming year, so be prepared to integrate pattern into your life.

Textural Diversity


Wicker, rattan, woven reeds, marble, metal accents, fringe, leather and hides. Look for matte finishes alongside highly-polished surfaces, and the combination of metal with other materials, including wood, stone and glass. As we move toward fall, textiles will become more textural: Thicker woven wools and fake furs are forecast, perhaps as a reaction to this year’s extended winter!

Botanical Prints


The tropical prints that were so popular in 2017 won’t disappear, except maybe for the pink flamingos. But they will be joined by a variety of other natural expressions. Pineapples, the traditional symbols of hospitality, are expected to be big for 2018, for everything from table bases to upholstery, door knockers and kitchen implements. Hang 18th Century Botanicals in a dining room, or prints of brightly colored fruit alongside the palm fronds if you fancy yourself a trendsetter.


Metallic Accents


Interesting metals will appear more in supporting roles in the coming year. Look for metal bands on tabletops, or metal bases topped by glass, marble or wood. Also look for lamps that mix glass and metal – pendants that shed a lot of light but almost disappear visually, for instance.


All in all, 2018 should be a year filled with form and color; a year to experiment, and a year to have fun with home decor. Be sure to visit Upper Room Home Furnishings to get a feel for what’s new!

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